How do we work?

All our services are put together working to four clear principles:

Peer learning:
All members bring experience and knowledge to each development session. It is the responsibility of the practitioner and member peer to draw out this knowledge and experience and ensure that all participants gain an awareness of the changing role of elected members.

A recognition that political skills exist:
Whilst members can achieve much by drawing on their existing knowledge, we believe strongly that a set of political skills can be defined and that these can be taught. We strongly support the political skills framework developed by the Work Psychology Partnership and sponsored by the IDeA and ODPM.

Customised and Quality Programmes:
Every local authority and every group of members has different needs and interests. It is vital to spend time at the beginning listening and responding to senior managers and members and ensuring that any development programme reflects the specific needs and circumstances within a local authority.

Continual Learning:
No one organisation can hope to meet all the development needs of elected members. We are happy to work with a range of partner organisations including the Improvement and Development Agency, Leadership Academy, Regional Agencies, Young Councillors Forum, National Association of Black and Ethnic Minority Councillors as well as individual political parties.